"Creativity is intelligence having fun.". A.E.

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Dynamism, creativity, interaction, colors, texture or simplicity are currently some of the elements I use to work with. Below are some of my projects or final works I did.

Photo manipulation and photo retouching

Photo manipulation and photo retouching

Drawing by hand, portraits

Photo manipulation and photo retouching

Photo manipulation and photo retouching

Vehicle decorations

Editorial Design

Editorial Design

About Me

Welcome! Since childhood my passion always opens up to the artistic field, in all its forms and options. I perfected myself over the years. I started as a freelance designer in 2007 and today I have more than 10 years of experience in graphic design, drawing, painting, social networks, photo manipulation and retouching, printing and pre-printing, typography, marketing, video editing and more.

Among other things, I love doing crafts, I can also tell you, among my hobbies for a while I am engaged in interviews for under bands and I meet a band which makes a fanclub in Buenos Aires (known as Argentina kamelot)

While serving as president of this fan club, Elizabeth continued with the design of bands under whom she made interviews to publish in Risemetal's webzine as an Argentine correspondent. (which continues today in command of his founding friend Jorge P.) I like to make cosplays and that can be found on my YouTube channel, to which I invite you to subscribe.

I always thank all those who come from my beginnings. I invite you to join my networks.

Eliz-beth design is a world full of colors, of life, where imagination is never limited.


If you have any questions, comments or recommendations about work, please dont hesitate in contact me. I invite you to send me a message through the contact form below. or you can also email me elizbethdm@gmail.com. Thank you very much! - Dont forget to visit, join and follow me on the social networks.